Santa Isabel College, Manila is a former all girls Catholic school in Manila (they are now accepting boys of all levels), Philippines offering courses at the primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. The school is currently operated by the Daughters of Charity.


  • April 6, 1594 - Institution founded as a Charitable Brotherhood
  • October 24, 1632 - Institution becomes the Colegio de Santa Isabel beginning its educational history
  • May 25, 1636 - Rules and regulations governing the college were drafted
  • March 25, 1733 - Philip V of Spain orders the college be called "Real Colegio de Santa Isabel" (Royal College of Saint Isabel)
  • 1852 - Isabella II of Spain orders the Daughters of Charity to the Philippines
  • July 22, 1862 - Daughters of Charity arrive in the Philippines
  • 1866 - Real Colegio de Santa Isabel merges with Colegio de Santa Pontencian
  • August 13, 1933 - A fire destroys almost half of the college
  • February 7, 1945 - A fire destroys the college during the Battle for the Liberation of Manila
  • September 14, 1947 - A marker is unveiled commemorating the new, English name of the college

Courses offeredEdit

  • Bachelor in Music
  • Bachelor in Arts
  • HRM
  • Psychology
  • Business Management

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

High schoolEdit

Santa Isabel College's High School is a high rated Department by PAASCU. It teaches advance Lessons compared to other schools. The high school department is Christ Centered and promotes goodness in each student.

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